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  Event Package  
  Event Package  
  Client:  Eleven
Project:  Grand Openng Invite

Luxury home apartment property based in Austin wanted a fun and colorful grand opening invitation to target both younger and middle age crouds of all ethnics.

  Event Package - Business Cards  
  Event Package - Invite  
  Client:  Orlando Silva Artista
Project:  Event Package

A local artist asked me to assist in promoting his art exhibition. Orlando wanted everything to be cohesive and to reflect his colorful artwork. I suggested to have his artwork be part of the design. Along with newspaper ads, posters, business cards, invites and a website I created a flash presentation of Orlando's work that was projected onto a building. Those entering and leaving the event could see the projection in all directions.

  Event Package - Invite  
  Event Package - Invite  
  Event Package - Invite  
  Client:  GSO Police Foundation
Project:  Product Brochure

I was asked to create a product brochure to present at a merchant association event the same week. Working with just a few colors is always a great challenge.

  Client:  Traverse Trainer
Project:  Busines Card & Pamphlet

Online fitness company that designs personal workouts for traveling clients.

  Beau Jardin - Id Package  
  Client:  Beau Jardin lawn Care
Project:  ID Package

A lawn care business who targets afluent residential areas but doesn't take themself too seriously. The company wanted a clean, green casual look.

  Client:  Utah Career College
Project:  Event Package

While teaching at the college I was asked to put together a formal invite for the annual advisory committee meeting. Poster were placed around campus as a reminder for program directors and faculty to invite their board members.

  Marta - Business Card  
  Marta - Business Card   Marta - Business Card  
  Eagle Date College - Invite  
  Eagle Gate - Poster   Eagle Gate - Poster  
  Client:  Eagle Gate College
Project:  Event Package

I was asked to help organize a student art show. Formal invites were mailed to family members, faculty and students. Posters were visible around campus as a motivation for students to attend and to invite their guests.

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